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document Setting up an exam with extended time for student under Access and Accommodation Services (A&AS)
This is a process that can be used to set up an exam for student under Access and Accommodation Services (A&AS). 1. In Blackboard, create...
20 Nov, 2019
document Access and Accommodation Services FAQ
Access and Accommodation Services Frequently Asked Questions ASU Office of Access and Accommodation Services website P.O. Box 360 State...
20 Nov, 2019
document Documents needed to get a Disability parking space
Students are required to properly display the following to legally park in disability parking on campus: - State Placard/Hangtag (or disability...
20 Nov, 2019
document Get help with access & special accommodations
ASU Office of A&AS is located at 2181 Student Center. You can call them at 972-3964, or go to their web page at...
20 Nov, 2019
document VPN Mobile
1. Download the “Cisco AnyConnect” App form the app store (Apple or Android) 2. Swipe the toggle button to the left on the AnyConnect VPN 3....
24 Jul, 2019

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document Voicemail PIN Reset
1. Open a web browser and go to (You’ll probably get a certificate error, this is ok as it’s a self-signed certificate) 2. Click...
24 Jul, 2019
document iPhone - Student Email Setup
To configure IMAP for your iPhone or iPod touch, just follow these steps: Make sure you've enabled IMAP in your main Gmail settings Tap Mail...
19 Jul, 2019
document Blackboard Learn: Using Tegrity in Blackboard Learn
Tegrity can only be integrated into one Course Management System at a time. It is currently associated with Blackboard 8. However, Tegrity classes...
23 Jul, 2019
document SafeAssign in Blackboard Learn
This handout is designed to assist you in creating a SafeAssignment, viewing and grading SafeAssignments, and direct submit of SafeAssignments....
22 Jul, 2019
document Adding a URL (External Link) in Blackboard Learn
This handout is designed to make you familiar with adding an external link. QUICK STEPS: Adding a URL (External Link) 1. In Edit Mode,...
23 Jul, 2019