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document Trouble with my PIN
Question: I am having trouble with my PIN...who do I contact? Answer: For assistance with your PIN: Click here... "ACCESS PIN" 10/6/16bw
06 Oct, 2016
document Wireless on campus
Question: What locations on campus are wireless? Answer: All Buildings on campus have wireless access, except the following: Collegiate Park and Indian Village Apartments pending update 10/6/16bw
10 Oct, 2016
document POP3 Mail
Question: Can I setup my email to use Outlook or POP3? Answer: POP3 is not supported for students, faculty, or staff. Only IMAP or MAPI is allowed 10/6/16bw
06 Oct, 2016
document Connecting to wireless network
Question: How do I connect my laptop to the wireless network? Answer: Simply direct your wireless device to AstateAnywhere and then open up a web-browser to authenticate. Please go to for more information. pending update 10/6/16bw
10 Oct, 2016
document ITS Computer Lab Hours
Question: How late is the computer lab open? Answer: The ITS Computer lab, located in room 149 of the Dean B. Ellis library (lowest level), follows the same schedule as the Library itself. For business hours involving other labs on campus, contact the...
06 Oct, 2016
document ShareSpace
Question: What is ShareSpace and how do I use it? Answer: Sometimes it's not possible to send attachments through email. ShareSpace offers a temporary online storage, allowing you to send links instead of hefty files. Upload your file, then tell your party the Download Ticket code and...
06 Oct, 2016
document Using Entourage I am not receiving e-mail or items in my Exchange account
Cause: Entourage copies items from a Microsoft Exchange account and stores them in the Entourage cache; if this cache becomes corrupted, it may cause synchronization problems with the Exchange server. Solution: Empty the cache in Entourage so that Entourage can download all of the items from...
10 Oct, 2016
document Outlook 2011 Exchange - Mac Setup
Set Up Outlook for Mac 2011 for Microsoft Exchange. 1. Open Outlook for Mac 2. Go to Tools, click Accounts: 3. You should see the Accounts box. Click Exchange Account. 4. You should see the Exchange Account setup box: Enter the following...
10 Oct, 2016
document Back to school and computer troubles... getting technical help from ITS
Here are a few reminders on getting the most efficient technical service from ITS during this busy time. We know that when your computer doesn’t work or you are stuck with a technical dilemma that it is very frustrating. We are here to help you and we will work as quickly as possible to get...
10 Oct, 2016