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Student information about Blackboard Learn (Bb 9).

document ShareSpace
Question: What is ShareSpace and how do I use it? Answer: Sometimes it's not possible to send attachments through email. ShareSpace offers a temporary online storage, allowing you to send links instead of hefty files. Upload your file, then tell your party the Download Ticket code and...
06 Oct, 2016
document ITS Computer Lab Hours
Question: How late is the computer lab open? Answer: The ITS Computer lab, located in room 149 of the Dean B. Ellis library (lowest level), follows the same schedule as the Library itself. For business hours involving other labs on campus, contact the...
06 Oct, 2016
document Trouble with my PIN
Question: I am having trouble with my PIN...who do I contact? Answer: For assistance with your PIN: Click here... "ACCESS PIN" 10/6/16bw
06 Oct, 2016
document To Change the Display name in Gmail
TO CHANGE THE DISPLAY NAME IN GMAIL After logging into Google Mail, click the Settings link. This will open all of the settings options for the Mail portion of Google Apps. Click on the Accounts link to show the following page. In the section titled Send Mail As choose the edit info link at...
10 Oct, 2016
document Password requirement changes… We want to be sure your identity and data are as safe as possible.
Using a strong password means that it is harder for someone to gain access to your email and data. With this in mind, we are making sure that we have top-notch security policies at ASU for all students, faculty and staff. As of November 28, there will be some changes to the requirements of...
06 Oct, 2016
document Passwords, PINS, and Wireless Tips -What to do when you have access blues…..
Password trouble? If you have trouble remembering your password or you need to reset your password for any reason, please go to the myCampus portal at and click on the “reset password” link below the login button. Be sure to follow the password requirements that are...
06 Oct, 2016
document ITS Help Desk: The phones are ringing but we will call you back! Promise!
ITS Help Desk: The phones are ringing and ringing but we will call you back! Promise! The ITS Help Desk gets a lot of phone calls to 972-3933 and a lot of emails to On February 29, there were 233 phone calls and emails received! Sometimes issues take time to resolve so we...
10 Oct, 2016
document Back to school and computer troubles... getting technical help from ITS
Here are a few reminders on getting the most efficient technical service from ITS during this busy time. We know that when your computer doesn’t work or you are stuck with a technical dilemma that it is very frustrating. We are here to help you and we will work as quickly as possible to get...
10 Oct, 2016
document Connecting an iPhone, iPad, or iTouch to AstateSecure
Using AstateSecure to authenticate an iPhone, iPad, or iTouch is a more convenient and secure way to connect these devices to ASU's wireless network. The configuration is a relatively easy one and will replace the web-authentication that AstateAnywhere requires. For a first-time setup, please...
10 Oct, 2016
document POP3 Mail
Question: Can I setup my email to use Outlook or POP3? Answer: POP3 is not supported for students, faculty, or staff. Only IMAP or MAPI is allowed 10/6/16bw
06 Oct, 2016
document Mobile Printing
Mobile printing at Arkansas State University Jonesboro The Library and ITS are pleased to announce the launch of our new campus-wide mobile printing solution.  You can now print from your personal devices through the campus print management solution.  To print from your personal...
01 Feb, 2016
document How to Clear Cache
To clear out Temporary Internet Files (Cookies/Cache) from your browser, click the following link: 9/13/16bw
13 Sep, 2016