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What is the Admission Process for ASU International Students?

Article ID: 151
Last updated: 23 Mar, 2016

If you are an international student and want to get admitted into an English as a Second Language, Bachelor’s degree program, or a Master’s degree program or even an EdD, PhD or DPT program at Astate, you will need to submit several documents to the university.

  • Application with $40 fee ($50 for doctoral degree programs)
  • Proof of your Previous Educational Background. You will need to specify what degree or major you are interested in.
    • In the event that the University is unable to do an equivalence of your diplomas/degrees, you will need to send these documents to a recognized body that does this kind of equivalence, such as the W.E.S. or ECE.
  • Copy of Passport (cannot expire within one year)
  • Proof of English Proficiency (unless applying for ESL program)
  • Proof of Financial Statement of up to $21,000 dollars.
  • If applicable, other documents as needed by departments.


Article ID: 151
Last updated: 23 Mar, 2016
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