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Dreamweaver: How do I make changes from remote location?

Article ID: 228
Last updated: 06 Oct, 2016
  • Yes as long as your site has been uploaded to the server and you are working from a computer that has Dreamweaver installed, you can pull down the files, make the changes, and publish them again when you are done.  To do this you will first need to set up your site definition on this new computer.  See above for more on how to do this.
  • After you have set up the site definition you can click the green (get files) arrow in the Files Panel (lower right hand corner) and it will pull down the files for the site that you have defined.  You can then make your changes, Go to File> Save or Save As.  After the file is saved you can highlight it in the Files Panel and click the Blue (Put Files) Arrow.  This will publish it to your website.


Article ID: 228
Last updated: 06 Oct, 2016
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