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Dreamweaver: How do I delete files from server?

Article ID: 230
Last updated: 06 Oct, 2016
  1. To delete files that are on the server you can click on the drop-down menu at the top of your Files panel where it says Local View. 
  2. Change it to Remote View.  These are the files that are on the server in your website.  Now find the file that you want to delete and push delete on your keyboard.  That deletes the file from your website and from the server. 
  3. Remember, if this is a file that you may need later you do not want to delete it completely.  You can either eliminate links to that file and the only way that someone could see it on the server is if they knew the exact location of it or you could just keep a copy of it on your computer in the event that you ever need it again.


Article ID: 230
Last updated: 06 Oct, 2016
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