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Creating a Wordle Image

Article ID: 285
Last updated: 22 Mar, 2016

Create the Wordle
1.       Decide what your topic will be. Write down 7-15 words or big ideas associated with the topic.
2.       Go to:
3.       Click on ‘Create your own’.
4.       Enter the list of words to include.
5.       Click on Go.
6.       Continue clicking on Randomize until you find an image you like.
7.       Make sure the entire image is showing, and on your keyboard, click on PrtScn or PrintScreen. (It’s usually located in the upper right on a keyboard.)
8.       If using a PC, open Paint. 
a.       From the Start Menu.
b.      Click on All Programs.
c.       Accessories.
d.      Select Paint.
9.       In Paint, select Paste. (In order versions, it will be Edit | Paste – or you can type CTRL+V).
Prepare and Save the Wordle
The exact directions will change depending on what version of Windows you are using.
1.       Use the Select Tool (dotted rectangle) to outline just part of the image you want to keep.
2.       Select Copy (in older version, Edit | Copy – or type CTRL+C).
3.       From the Menu, select New (or File | New). When prompted, Don’t Save the document.
4.       A blank document should be displayed. Select Paste (in older versions, Edit | Paste – or type CTRL+V).
5.       The image will probably be too big. To make is smaller, select Resize (in older versions,
Image | Resize/Skew).
6.       Change Resize Horizontal and Vertical to 50 to make it 50% smaller.
7.       In the new version, select Crop.
8.       From the Menu, select File | Save As. To use on the web, save it as JPEG (.jpg) file.
Article ID: 285
Last updated: 22 Mar, 2016
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