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Voicemail PIN Reset

Article ID: 291
Last updated: 24 Jul, 2019

1. Open a web browser and go to (You’ll probably get a certificate error, this is ok as it’s a self-signed certificate)

2. Click “Cisco Unity Connection”

3. Use your email credentials to log in

4. Click “users” in the top left side of the screen

5. Be sure the “Limit search to” pull-down box is set to “all”

6. In the pull-down box after “Find users where” select extension

7. In the search box, enter the users extension and click find

8. Verify the name and email address matches the user

9. Click on the user’s email address

10. At the top menu, select “edit” then “change password”.

11. Enter (or whatever pin the user requests) in the pin and confirm pin boxes and click save

12. The user can now use 12345 to access their voicemail box

Article ID: 291
Last updated: 24 Jul, 2019
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