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Editing Groups and Adding Group Links in Blackboard Learn

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Last updated: 22 Mar, 2016

This handout is designed to make you familiar with editing groups and adding group links to content areas. 
QUICK STEPS: Editing Groups
1.     Access the group by going to the Control Panel and clicking Groups under Users and Groups.
2.     Click the double drop-down arrows beside the group name.
3.     Click Edit.
4.     On Edit Group page, enter new adjustments in desired areas.
5.     Click Submit.
QUICK STEPS: Adding a Group Link
1.     In Edit Mode, access the Content Area or folder where a Group Link will be added.
2.     Click Add Interactive Tool double drop-down arrows.
3.     Click Groups.
4.     On the Create Link:  Groups page, select the type of link
5.     Click Next.
6.     On the Create Link: Group page, type in the name of the link and in the Options section, select the areas that you would like to utilize.
7.     Click Submit.
For a detailed Blackboard's official guide on Getting Started with Groups, Click here.

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Article ID: 309
Last updated: 22 Mar, 2016
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