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Blogs in Blackboard Learn

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Last updated: 22 Mar, 2016

This handout is designed to assist you in accessing, creating, and commenting on blogs.
QUICK STEPSAccessing the Blogs Tool
1.     On the Course Menu, click the Tools link.
2.     On the Tools page, click the Blogs link.
 QUICK STEPS: Creating a Blog Entry
1.     Click the Blogs link.
2.     On the blog's main page, click Create Blog.
3.     On the Create Blog page, enter a Name for the blog entry.
4.     Enter text in the Instructions box and complete desired areas.
5.     When completed, click Submit.
     To watch a video on how to Create a Blog, Click here.
     To watch a video on how to Create and Edit a Blog Entry, Click here.

QUICK STEPS: Commenting on Blog Entries
1.     Access the Blogs tool.
2.     On the Blogs page, select the blog to view by clicking the user's name.  The blog entry will open below the instructor's instructions.
3.     Click Comment below the user's entry.  The Comment field appears.
4.     Enter your comments in the Comment text box.
5.     Click Add.

To watch a video on how to Comment on a Blog, Click here.

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Article ID: 314
Last updated: 22 Mar, 2016
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