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Grading Journals in Blackboard Learn

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Last updated: 23 Jul, 2019

This handout is designed to assist you in grading journals.

QUICK STEPS: Grading Journals
1.     On the Course home page, in Control Panel under Course Management, click the Course Tools.
2.     Under Course Tools, click on Journals.
3.     Click Create Journal.
4.     On the Create Journal page, enter a Name for the Journal.
5.     Enter text in the Instructions box and complete desired areas.
6.     On Grade Settings, for Grade Journal, make sure you click the Grade radio node and enter points in the Points Possible box.
7.     When completed, click Submit.
8.     The column will be automatically created in the Grade Center.
9.     Go to the Control Panel and under Course Tools click Journals.
10.   Click the Journal that you want to grade.
11.   Under More Journals, click Show Empty Journals to show the students.
12.   Click on the student's name that needs grading.
13.   Under Journal Grade, click Edit Grade.
14.   Enter the grade in the Current Grade Value box.  Optionally, enter Feedback and Grading Notes.
15.   When finished, click Save Grade.
      For more information on Grading Journals try Blackboard's Official Help Page, Click here

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Article ID: 338
Last updated: 23 Jul, 2019
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