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Passwords, PINS, and Wireless Tips -What to do when you have access blues…..

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Last updated: 06 Oct, 2016

Password trouble?

If you have trouble remembering your password or you need to reset your password for any reason, please go to the myCampus portal at and click on the “reset password” link below the login button.  Be sure to follow the password requirements that are listed.


If you get locked out of your account:

Your locked account automatically unlocks in 30 minutes. If you try the wrong password a few times and get locked out, it will be okay! You can reset your password after 30 minutes if you are locked out.


Simply wait 30 minutes to reset your password. You can go to the portal login page at to click on the link for resetting your password or on the ASU website at under Current Students.  You will then be able to access email, etc.  


Mobile devices need updating too!

Be sure you have all of your mobile devices with you when you reset your password and update your account information in your devices, too. If you have your account credentials stored in your mobile device, such as your Smart phone or tablet, the device will continue to try to login with the wrong information. This could lock you out of your account!


Wireless access troubles after password changes:

If you have changed your password and you cannot access wireless on campus, please remove or forget any previous connection to Astate Secure on your mobile device, as these devices are known for storing password data and do not update automatically when a password is changed.

When these devices are brought with you on campus, they will try to connect to Astate Secure automatically using the last known password.  As a result, this will cause your account to lock without you knowing it.



Don’t know your PIN?

You can visit the myCampus portal login page at and click on the “Access PIN” link.


Save this information!

You can also remember that visiting the myCampus portal login page at will allow you to access the links you need to correct your password troubles.



Article ID: 346
Last updated: 06 Oct, 2016
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