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Fileserver Information

Article ID: 348
Last updated: 23 Jul, 2019

What is the purpose of Fileserver anyway?
Fileserver is a great way to share *active* documents with *everyone* in your department.  If the documents are sensitive, fileserver is not the best method since everyone in the department (the default permissions we set up) can view the documents.
Fileserver is not the best way to store documents long term for your department. You should keep a copy in your department.
Why should we keep Fileserver cleaned up and remove old files?
Fileserver space is shared by many departments on campus. If you take up a lot of room with old files, you may be bumping someone in your division out of the ability to load up active documents they may need to share with others in their department.
It is expensive to purchase storage. If we use best practices with our Fileserver space, we can save money on storage.
What if you want to share files with just a few people in my department?
You can do this and you don’t even need Fileserver! You can set up a shared folder on your computer and then grant access to it. Please call the ITS Help Desk at 972-3933 for help on how to set this up. We’ll be happy to talk you through the set up!
Should you still scan documents to Fileserver?
If you have a copier/scanner that can scan to Fileserver, just remember a few things. Anyone in your department can access the document since it is in the shared fileserver space. If it is a sensitive document, you should choose the email feature on the copier/ scanner.  Be sure to clean out these scanned documents after you have copied them from Fileserver. By leaving them on the Fileserver, these documents are taking up needed space.
What files should you archive off of Fileserver and how do you do that?
If you review your files and find that some of them are quite dusty and have not been accessed in a long time, please pull the files off Fileserver and save the files on a CD, a DVD, or an external hard drive for your office archives.
Article ID: 348
Last updated: 23 Jul, 2019
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