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Tips for Blackboard

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Last updated: 22 Mar, 2016

If the student has been locked out of a test or his or her computer has crashed, ITS and Perceptis cannot reset the test. The student MUST call the instructor to have the test reset.
When a student cannot find an assignment on Blackboard, ITS staff tries to help by logging into Blackboard. Perceptis, the after-hours Help Desk, does not have access to do this but they do have a version of Blackboard where they may be able to help guide the student.
If a student does not understand how to submit an assignment in Blackboard, ITS Help Desk informs the student to click on the name of the assignment (which is a link) and it will take the student to a submission page. There is an “okay”  button in Blackboard Learn beside the assignment name that confuses students. Students need to click the name of the assignment to submit their work.
If the class is not showing up in Blackboard, there are a few possible reasons.
1.       The instructor has not made the class available in Blackboard.
2.       The student is not enrolled in the class.
3.       The student’s email is not populated in Banner yet.

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Article ID: 351
Last updated: 22 Mar, 2016
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