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Transcript Request

Article ID: 391
Last updated: 23 Jul, 2019
  1. Student and staff who need Transcript and Tax forms can access theses from Self Service Banner.
  2. You will need to navigate to the A-state Home page, at the top of the page click the A-Z index.
  3. Click the ā€œSā€ for Self Service and enter your ID and Pin number and click submit.
  4. You will then click the student tab, and then student record will display on the left side of the page.
  5. Under the student records option you will see Transcript and Tax options.


Students requesting transcripts prior to 1990 will need to contact the Transcripts Office, they will create them an ID prior to logging into Self Service for transcript requests.

If you have any questions please contact the transcript office.

Phone: 972-2031


Article ID: 391
Last updated: 23 Jul, 2019
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