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New SSL Certificates and browser 'security warnings'

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Last updated: 10 Oct, 2016

When connecting to secure websites such as, you may see a 'security warning' similar to this:

This Connection is Untrusted uses an invalid security certificate

You may safely ignore this warning.  

The reason for this security warning is, the issuer of SSL Certificates used by the Arkansas State University, has recently renewed their root CA. The new root CA expires in 2029.

The problem with ipsCA's root CA renewal is that web browser and email clients (IE, Firefox, Safari, etc.) need to include the new root CA. Until the new root CA is included you may see the security warning message.

Install the new ipsCA root CA by clicking the following link:   ipsCA Global CA Root CA

Email clients can import the certificate. Right click the above ipsCA root CA link, save the file ipsCAGlobal.crt to your computer, and import the certificate file ipsCAGlobal.crt. For example, Thunderbird can import the saved certificate by selecting Tools -> Options -> Certificates -> View Certificates -> Authorities -> Import.

If you follow the above procedure to import the ipsCA root CA to Firefox or other browser or email client, you will not see any security warnings related to the ipsCA certificate in the future.

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Article ID: 66
Last updated: 10 Oct, 2016
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