Documents needed to get a Disability parking space

Students are required to properly display the following to legally park in disability parking on campus:
- State Placard/Hangtag (or disability license plate)
- ASU Parking Hangtag or repositionable sticker
- Disability Parking Tier 1 sticker 

Instructions for students requesting Disability Parking

An ASU Disability Parking Tier 1 sticker will be issued in Disability Services located in Student Union 2181.

Students will be required to present the following documentation to Disability Services to obtain a Tier 1 sticker for their ASU hangtag or repositionable sticker:

 Students with a disability parking Tier 1 sticker will  be able to park in the designated blue disability parking spaces, the faculty/staff parking spaces and the regular student parking spaces. Only students with a wheelchair or other related mobility device shall be authorized to park in a Disability "Van Accessible" parking space.

 Displaying the above hangtags does not allow students to legally park in designated visitor parking spaces.

A reserved disability parking space must be purchased to park in a reserved parking lot  on campus.

Students with a temporary impairment who have not been issued a red hangtag from the State Revenue Department should contact the ASU Student Health Center on campus for their parking needs.  

The temporary parking permit issued through the Student Health Center allows the student to park in faculty/staff and regular student parking.

For further parking information, please visit the ASU Parking Services website at

If you have any questions, contact:
ASU Disability Services
8 am - 5 pm on Monday - Friday

Student Union Suite 2181

More information on accessibility on campus:

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