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SafeAssign in Blackboard Learn

This handout is designed to assist you in creating a SafeAssignment, viewing and grading SafeAssignments, and direct submit of SafeAssignments.
QUICK STEPS: Creating a SafeAssignment
1.     Click on Content Area.
2.     Click Create Assessment double-drop down arrows and select SafeAssignment.
3.     The Add SafeAssignment page appears.  Enter in all information needed.
4.     Click Submit.
To watch a video on using SafeAssignment, Click here.
QUICK STEPS: Viewing and Grading a SafeAssignment
1.     In the Grade Center, mouse over the SafeAssignment.
2.     Click View Grade Details.
3.     On the Grade Details page, click View Attempt.
4.     Review the submissions test, download the file, or view the SafeAssign report.
5.     Enter a grade and comments.
6.     Click Submit. You are returned to the Grade Center.
For more information and detailed steps including images on how to grade SafeAssignment using
Rubrics, Click here.

QUICK STEPS: Direct Submit

1.     On the Control Panel, under Course Tools, click SafeAssign.
2.     On the SafeAssign page, click Direct Submit.
3.     You can upload files to either a Shared or Private folder.  Shared: Viewable by other instructors with access to Direct Submit.  Private:  Viewable only by the instructor.  Choose Shared or Private.
4.     Click Submit A Paper.
5.     Under Paper Submission, select all desired areas.
6.     Click Submit.

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