Instructors can use the Journals tool in the Original Course View. The Journals tool provides a personal space for you to communicate with your instructor. Your instructor can choose to make journal entries either private or public. You can also use a journal as a self-reflective tool to post your opinions, ideas, and concerns about your course, or discuss and analyze course-related materials. A public Journal allows all course members to view all entries. You can read what other students wrote and build on those ideas.

How to Access a Journal activity

The Instructor may add the Journals tool link to the Course Menu or have the Journal activity linked in a Module or Folder.

How to Create a Journal Entry

After you have accessed the Journal activity, you can create journal entries.

  1. Click the Create Journal Entry button.
  2. Type a title and your entry.
  3. Click Post Entry to submit.
Common Questions about Journals

Q. I saved a Journal entry as a draft. How do I view the draft?

  1. If you saved a journal entry to edit later, select View Drafts on the journal topic page. Select the title of the entry to edit and post.

Q. Can I edit or delete a Journal entry?

  1. Your instructor determines if you're allowed to edit or delete your journal entries. On the journal's topic page, open the entry's menu and select Edit or Delete. The delete action is final and irreversible.

Q. How can I view my Journal Grade?

  1. After your instructor grades your journal entries, you can view your grade in two places. The grading information appears in the Grade section on the journal's topic page and in My Grades.

Further Troubleshooting topics