Kaltura FAQs for Faculty

What is Kaltura?

Kaltura can be used to record audio, screen capturing, webcam videos, and upload them or existing media from your device to Kaltura My Media in Blackboard.



  • My Media is a collection of all the videos you've recorded or uploaded with the Kaltura tools.
  • Media Gallery is the place, within a course, where you can choose and post videos from your My Media collection for your students to view, in the context of the course.


How to create a Kaltura account?

Login into Blackboard and go to Tools, select Kaltura My Media LTI. It will redirect you to the LTI Launch page. Click on the link in the LTI Launch page. This will automatically create your kaltura account.


Where can I find a Kaltura link?

Go to Blackboard-> Tools-> Kaltura My Media-> LTI Launch page->click on the link-> Kaltura account created.


What are the features available in My Media? 

  1. Add New
  • Media Upload
  • Express Capture
  • Youtube
  • Kaltura Capture
  • Video Quiz
  1. Actions
  • Caption & Enrich
  • Publish
  • Delete
  1. View Analytics
  2. Launch Editor


What is Media Upload in My Media?

Go to My Media-> Add New-> Media Upload. 

The Media Upload is used to upload or drag and drop a file from a computer to My Media. All common video, audio and image formats in all resolutions are accepted.       


How to upload the youtube video to My Media?

The Youtube feature in my media is used to upload public youtube videos to Kaltura My Media.

Go to My Media-> Add New-> Youtube-> Video Page Link (or Content ID)-> Paste the Youtube video Link-> Click on Preview.

Fill out the name, description, tags and select the publishing status. Finally click on the save button. Now the Youtube video can be seen in the Kaltura My Media.


What is Publishing Status?

Private - Media page will be visible to the content owner only.

Published - Media page will be visible to individuals according to entitlements on published destinations.                            


What is Kaltura Capture?

Go to My Media-> Add New-> Kaltura Capture.

To record your videos using Kaltura Capture in Blackboard, use the Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder application. Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder is an application that makes it easy for users to create and upload videos to Kaltura through Blackboard. This software is available for Windows or Mac.

If you’ve already installed Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder, it will launch automatically. If not, install the application before using Kaltura Capture.


How to record videos using the Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder application?

Go to My Media-> Add New-> Kaltura Capture.

If you’ve already installed Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder, it will launch automatically.  Now click on the new recordings. A new window will be opened with options to select appropriate content to be recorded(screen, camera, and audio). Select the type of contents to be recorded and Click on the red button to start recording.


How to save recorded videos in the Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder application?

Once the recording is completed, click on the stop recording button. Now fill out the title, description and tags then click on save and upload option. The newly recorded video will be uploaded to Kaltura My Media.


What is the difference between save and save and upload in the Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder application?

If you click on save, the videos will be saved to the Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder application library and can not be seen in Kaltura My Media. You can later upload the videos to kaltura my media from the library by clicking on the upload option.

If you click on save and upload, the videos will be saved to the Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder application library and uploaded to Kaltura My Media.


What are tags in Kaltura?

A tag is a label attached to a video or media file. Tagging something classifies it to make it easier to find. Kaltura uses metadata, like tags, to classify and describe items, making browsing and searching easier. Tags are a great way to navigate and find your content in Kaltura.


What is Express Capture?

Go to My Media-> Add New-> Express Capture

The Express Capture enables recording content directly from the browser without the need to install any additional software. The recorded content can be saved to My Media.


What is the Video Quiz?

Go to My Media-> Add New-> Video Quiz.

The Video Quiz option is used to add Quiz(Questions) to already existing videos in My Media or you can upload videos from the computer.


What type of quiz questions are added to a video?

Go to My Media-> Add New-> Video Quiz-> Select Video-> Add a Question

Multiple Choice: Question with only one correct answer.

Reflection Point: A video Pause combined with text.

True/False: A question with only two options- true or false.

Open-End Question: Answer the question with your own words.


Can we edit the Quiz questions?



Did the user see the quiz result?

Yes. Your viewers will see the quiz score page after the quiz is submitted.


What are the details to set up for the quiz?

  1. Quiz Name
  2. Show Welcome Page

Type your Welcome Message

  1. Allow Download of Questions List
  2. Allow viewers to download the list of questions before starting the quiz Instructions

The following text will be displayed:"All questions must be answered. The quiz will be   submitted at the end."


What are the settings available for scores?

  1. Upon Submission: Allow Multiple Attempts

Allow viewers to take the quiz more than once

  1. Do Not Show Scores.

A 'Thank You' message will be displayed after submitting the quiz.

  1. Show Scores.

 Your viewers will see the quiz score page after the quiz is submitted.

  1. Include Answers

Your viewers will be able to see correct/incorrect answers


What are the settings available for the user experience in the quiz?

  1. Allow Answers Change:Allow viewers to change their answers before submitting the quiz.
  2. Allow Skip: Users will be presented with the 'skip for now' button.
  3. Do not Allow Skip: Users must submit an answer before proceeding forward.
  4. No seeking forward: Users will not be able to use the seek bar to navigate the video past the point they viewed.


How to delete a video in Kaltura?

The videos present in my media have an option to delete by clicking on the delete icon at the right side of the screen.


How to add captions to videos in Kaltura?

 Go to My Media-> Actions->Caption & Enrich.

There are two types of services available for captioning:

Machine: automatically generated by the machine and unlimited

Professional: written by the professionals and will be charged based on the hourly work.

Once the type of service is submitted the captions will be updated based on the selected service.


How to edit captions in Kaltura?

To edit the already existing captions for the uploaded videos follow the instructions below.

  1. Login into black board and click on kaltura my media in tools.
  2. It will redirect to My Media page.
  3. Select the existing media for which you wish to edit captions.
  4. Click the Actions drop-down menu, and select Caption and Enrich.
  5. The resulting table will display one row for each of the recording's caption tracks. The Edit icon is displayed for all completed captions. Click edit in the right-most column to edit the desired captions.
  6. The caption editor will open. Edit the desired caption in the text field at the center of the page.

What is A-State Media Space?

With A-State MediaSpace, users can securely create, upload, share, search, browse, and watch live and on demand videos, presentations, screencasts, and other rich media content, anytime, anywhere.


What is KMC?

The Kaltura Management Console (KMC) is a front-end application to the Kaltura Platform. The KMC provides publishers all the tools necessary to manage and publish their media in one interface.


What is Kaltura Knowledge Center?

 Kaltura Learning is a new video portal based on MediaSpace. Contained on the portal are short "How To” tutorial videos, covering the various workflows present in the Kaltura product.