Navigating an Original Course

There are three types of navigation within a course:
  1. Navigating between content areas and tools using the Course Menu
  2. Navigating within a content area using learning modules and folders
  3. Internal navigation using the breadcrumb trail
The Course Menu
To navigate between Content Areas, click on the desired link in the Course Menu. Within any Content Area, you will see items to review, Learning Modules or Folders to enter, and activities or assignments to complete. Clicking on a tool link will take you to the tool.

Learning Modules and Folders
To navigate within a content area, you may have to use Learning Modules and Folders. You are currently navigating through a Learning Module. Just as you can organize files on your computer in folders or put documents in folders within a file cabinet, the instructor can organize content using Learning Modules and Folders. To access information contained within learning modules or folders, click on the underlined titles as pictured here.
Learning Modules and Folders
Navigation using Breadcrumbs
You can use the internal navigation to move between documents and folders. This path of links is often referred to as a "breadcrumb trail, or just "breadcrumbs" for short. Due to the dynamic nature of many of the pages within a course, we strongly recommend that you use the breadcrumb links instead of the browser's Back and Forward buttons.
Breadcrumbs, like these shown above, will appear at the top of each Content Area or Tool within a course. Clicking on a link within the breadcrumb trail will take you to that area of the course. Selecting the first link of a breadcrumb trail, Orientation in this example. will take you to the top level of that Content Area.