Your instructor can add Tests (Assessments) to different areas of your course.

How to access Tests

You might access Tests from a link on the course menu. Or, your instructor might incorporate Tests into each week's content. Ask your instructor if you have questions about how your course is organized. Click the title of the Test to open it.

How to submit a Test
  1. Click the title of the Test to open it.
  2. Read the description, instructions, and specific exam settings provided by the Instructor. Click Begin.
  3. While you are taking the exam, click Save Answer often.
  4. Click Save and Submit when finished.

Note: Don't use the browser's back button during a test or survey as this may cause loss of data. If you have problems during a test, contact your instructor immediately.

Test Grades and Feedback

After you complete a test, the performance results you receive depend on the options selected by your instructor. You may see your score immediately after you complete the test if all questions are auto-graded and your instructor releases this information. Your instructor may choose a date in the future to release test scores while your classmates take the test.

To access feedback and grade information, select the Test in the content area or My Grades. On the View Attempts page, select the grade link in the Calculated Grade column to access the test, your answers, and any instructor feedback.

Essay, File Response, and Short Answer questions aren't auto-graded. Your instructor must manually grade these question types. Grades for tests with these question types are released after your instructor finishes grading and allows it.

Timed Tests

When you take a timed test or survey, the remaining time appears on a status bar. Use the arrows next to the timer to collapse or expand it.

More about the Test Timer

Test Presentation Settings

In the test information section, you're informed about which presentation options your instructor chose.

Your instructor can choose to present questions all-at-once or one-at-a-time. If the questions are presented one-at-a-time, the instructor can choose to not allow backtracking.

Your instructor can choose to use Force Complete to not allow student to exit a test.

More about Test presentation settings

Secure Tests and Proctoring

Your instructor can deliver Tests securely using Respondus LockDown Browser or another proctoring service. Secure assessments help promote academic integrity and honesty in student submissions.

You will need Respondus LockDown Browser installed on your device to open, submit, and view submitted attempts for secure assessments.

See Authentication and Proctoring for more information.

Common Questions about Tests

Q. Why can't I find my Test?

  1. Be sure you are looking in the area of the course the Test should be located. Your instructor may have the Test set to only be available for a certain time frame. You might also have to meet other criteria to access the Test. For example, you might have to complete a BioSig verification before the Activities folder is available.

Q. Can I submit a Test more than once?

  1. Your instructor may allow you to submit a Test more than once for a variety of reasons. If you are allowed to make another attempt, select the Test link in your course and click Start New Submission.

Q. What should I do if I had a technical issue or was "kicked out" of a Test?

  1. Contact your instructor to ask for the opportunity to retake the Test. If you are allowed to make another attempt, select the assignment link in your course.

Q. Why am I being asked for a password for a Respondus Test?

  1. If the title of the Test says "Requires Respondus Lockdown Browser," you must use that browser (program) to access Blackboard to take your test. You may not use another browser, such as Firefox, Chrome, etc. You will be asked for a password and not allowed to continue on any browser other than Respond Lockdown Browser.
Troubleshooting a Test

When taking a Test in Blackboard Learn, it is strongly recommended that students:

  • Use a computer that is "plugged into" both a high speed Internet connection and a power source. Do not use a wireless connection when taking a quiz, test or exam.
  • Make sure that your Java is up to date.
  • Do not allow the exam to sit open for 5 minutes without marking an answer. The screen will time out and your exam will be auto submitted for grading. This is a security feature in Blackboard.
  • Use Firefox, unless a proctor or a lock-down browser is required by your instructor.
Troubleshooting a Test requiring Respondus Lockdown Browser