Connecting to AstateSecure

AState Secure is the Wi-Fi network you will need to use while on campus. You can log in with your A-State username and password.

1. Go to the menu bar at the top of your screen and click on the Wi-Fi symbol in the top right. 


2. Click on AstateSecure


3. This will take you to page where you can enter your A-State username and password. Once you've type everything in, click Join


4. Once you click Join, you should see this screen that is asking for your device to trust this network. You will need to click Continue


Once you do these 4 steps, you should be successfully connected to the AstateSecure network. These same steps can be similarly applied to the Home @ Astate network. 

Forgetting a Wi-Fi Network

Forgetting the network is a good way to troubleshoot any Wi-Fi issues you may be experiencing. Go through these steps to see if you can self solve your issues!

1. Go to the menu bar at the top of your screen and click on the Wi-Fi symbol in the top right.


2. Within the drop down menu, click Network Preferences to open the next page. 


3. Now you will need to make sure Wi-Fi is selected on the left side of this window and then click Advanced. 


4. Under the Wi-Fi tab, make sure select AstateSecure or Home @ AState is selected. Then click the - symbol to forget the network. Then click OK


5. Once you do this, you will be taken back to the previous Wi-Fi page and click Apply


This will successfully disconnect your device from the AstateSecure network. If you would like to reconnect, you will need to go through the above steps. These steps can also be used to Forget the Home @ Astate network if necessary. You would instead click and hold Home @ Astate and then click Forget. 

Connecting to Home @ Astate

Home @ AState is the Wi-Fi network used in A-State Campus Housing. Every student living in on-campus housing should have been provided a password for this Wi-Fi network to their A-State email.

1. Click Wi-Fi icon in the menu bar

2. Click Home @ AState.

3. Enter your password provided via email.

4. Click Join.

For further assistance, contact the ITS Helpdesk at 870-972-3933, the IT Store at 870-972-3500 or stop by the store. It is located on the bottom floor of the Dean B. Ellis Library, Room 149.