Generating Bypass Codes

Follow these instructions if you are needing access to your Duo account with A-State and you don't currently have access to a smart phone or device that will allow you to receive Duo Push Notifications. 

1. Go to and click on Duo Recovery



2. Enter in your A-State username and password and click Login



3. Enter in your Security Questions and then click Send Bypass Code. You should receive this bypass code in your secondary email and you will need it for Step 5. 

Duo 3.png


4. Click on the hyperlink that says Click here to verify Duo and generate additional bypass codes



5. This is where you will need to use the bypass code that came to your secondary email. You will need to click Enter a Passcode and then enter in the bypass code you received. After you type it in, click Login



6. Once you do this, you will be taken to a page that looks similar to this test page. It will include 9 codes that are valid once and you will enter them in to authenticate Duo the same way you entered in the bypass code in Step 5. 

Duo 10.png

For further assistance, contact the ITS Helpdesk at 870-972-3933, the IT Store at 870-972-3500 or stop by the store. It is located on the bottom floor of the Dean B. Ellis Library, Room 149.