Reactivating a Device

Follow these instructions if you are needing add another device to your Duo account with A-State. This applies to people who have recently changed phones and got a new phone number than the one you had when you first set up your Duo account with A-State. 

1. Go to and click on Duo Recovery



2. Enter in your A-State username and password and then click Login



3. Enter in your Security Questions and then click Send Bypass Code. Open your secondary email and look for the bypass code because you will need it for Step 4. 

Duo 3.png


4. Click Enter a Passcode and enter in the bypass code that was sent to your secondary email. Once you do this, click Login



5. Click on the button that says Device Options next to the device you are trying to reactivate. 

duo edited 2.jpg



6. Click on the button that says Reactive Duo Mobile

Duo 13.png



7. You will be asked to verify ownership of the device you're trying to add to your Duo account with A-State. You will need to click Text me and then type in the 6-digit code you receive. If verified, you will click Continue



8. You will need to select what type of device it is that you're trying to reactivate. Once you select the appropriate choice, click Continue.

Duo 5.png


9. Next you will need to make sure you have the Duo Mobile app installed on the device you're trying to reactivate. Once you have it downloaded, you can click I have Duo Mobile installed

Duo 6.png


10. Open up the Duo Mobile app on the device, click on the + sign on the top right of the screen and open up your camera. Once you do this, you can scan the QR code. 

Duo 7.png


11. Once you scan the QR code, you should see a green checkmark appear on the screen and be able to click Continue. After this, you can go to my.Astate and sign in and you should receive a Duo Push Notification to the device you have just successfully added! 

For further assistance, contact the ITS Helpdesk at 870-972-3933, the IT Store at 870-972-3500 or stop by the store. It is located on the bottom floor of the Dean B. Ellis Library, Room 149.