1. Go to
  2. Click on "Reset Password/First Time Users"
  3. Click "I Accept" and then click "Submit"
  4. Enter your Campus Wide ID and PIN numbers. Autofill will sometimes submit these numbers incorrectly. You can manually type them in. If you do not know these numbers, you can click the link that says "If you do not know your Campus Wide ID or PIN, Click Here" to retrieve them. 
  5. Create your new password. Your password cannot contain any symbols, your name, or match any of your previous passwords. 
  6. You will also need to enter an authorization code. That will be sent to your secondary email or you can click the link to get your authorization code by answering your security questions. Click submit once you are finished.
  7. You will need to complete the form. If you are over 18, you do not need to enter a parent's name. 
  8. Once it shows your AState email address, your password has been successfully changed. If you received a password error, your password did not meet the requirements. You will need to start over and choose a different password. If you received an account error, your account has not been completely created or is no longer a valid account.