About Proofpoint

What is the Proofpoint spam management system and why do we use it? The Proofpoint spam management system is an
email filtering tool. To protect ASTATE from virus attacks and to protect you from receiving hundreds of spam messages, all
incoming email is filtered by Proofpoint, which is an anti-spam and anti-virus product.

How does email filtering work? All incoming email is filtered by a server. Messages that contain a virus, or spam, or
inappropriate content can either be deleted or "scored." In the case of spam, the message score indicates the probability that
the message is spam --- so a message scoring 100 would have 100% chance of being spam (definite spam) and a message
scoring 0 would have 0% chance of being spam (legitimate correspondence). Messages scoring high enough to probably be
spam are quarantined, and messages scoring below 50 are sent directly to your inbox.