End User Digest

What is the End User Digest?

If email messages addressed to you were sent to the Quarantine, you will receive an email notification, with the subject line End User Digest, in your mailbox. The Digest provides you with a list of the messages addressed to you that are stored in the  quarantine. You can look at the message subject headers to determine their content and decide what actions you want to apply to the messages.

How do I use the digest?

The Digest will provide you with a list of all of the spam that has been quarantined for your account since you received the last Digest update. You will see a list of these messages and columns that indicate the subject, sender, and time received for each email.

You will have three separate links available to you to complete an action on each email message:

  • Release - releases the message from the Quarantine to your normal email inbox.
  • Release and Allow Sender - releases the message from the Quarantine to your inbox and adds the sender to your personal Safe Senders list. All future email from this sender will not be checked for spam.
  • Not Spam - reports that the message was a false positive (that is, it should not have been classified as spam). In this case, the
    system analyzes the data to ensure that similar messages are not caught as spam in the future.
  • Request New End User Digest - immediately generates a new Digest with up-to-the-minute information about quarantined
    messages. Note: this Digest will contain a list of all messages currently in the Quarantine, not just those received since
    the last scheduled Digest update.
  • Request Safe/Blocked Senders list - sends you a list of all entries currently on your personal Safe and Blocked Senders List.
    This list of safe and blocked senders is different than any lists you have set up on your email client.
  • Manage My Account - allows you to change account preferences, as well as actively manage your Safe Senders and Blocked Senders lists using a web interface.
How often will I receive an End User Digest?

By default, you will receive an End User Digest twice a day if messages have been placed into your Quarantine since the last digest was sent.